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Cinema 4d Tutorials: Grass

This tutorial shows how to make 3d grass in Cinema 4d 11, but can also be made in earlier versions of the application. I didn’t use here any additional plugins, only Fur Object.
First, we have to place our grass on an Object. We could use Plane and then Magnet Tool to simulate ground, but instead will use Landscape.

Now when you have created Landscape, Make object editable (shortcut C).

Create a new material to simulate ground. We don’t want our ground to reflect light, so turn off Specular. Go to color tab, it can be plain dark brown, but we will choose Noise.

Click on the button to go to the noise options

Change colors which are best for ground. I’ve used two dark brown colors.

Drag the material on the Landscape.
It’s time to apply Fur to our Landscape. Select Live Selection Tool, check Only Select Visible Elements and change Radius to 100. Make sure that Polygon Tool is selected.

Select all polygons.

Now choose Hair->Fur. Click on the Fur Material.

Go to the Basic tab in the Attributes Window and select the following options.







Click on the fur.

Change options.


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  1. Hi Decker, say, how can I make light special for this grass? I need Steady light.

  2. Hey man, this is a really nice and easy tutorial to follow - many thanks for making the time to share this! Just wish I had found it last week for this video I did in C4D - check it out and let me know what you think!